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Main Courses

Beef Fillet Tagliata

Thinly sliced grilled Gambian fillet

Price D680

Beef Fillet Gusto

Pan seared first choice Gambian fillet

Price D700

Lady Fish in Safran

Baked lady fish in safran sauce & veggies

Price D575

Italian Seafood Soup

Rich soup of seasonal fish & prawns

Price D695

Chicken Milanese

A classic-crusted fillet of chicken with rocket salad...

Price D450

Chicken Scaloppina alla Pizzaiola

Pan seared chicken fillet served with a tomato...

Price D400

Oven Baked Red Snapper

Fillet of red snapper in a rich sauce

Price D650

Grilled Mixed Fish

Captain & lady fish, prawns & calamari.

Price D750

Fritto Misto

Deep fried calamari, prawns, fish & vegetables

Price D550

Gusto's Captain Fish

Pan seared captain fish in honey sauce

Price D425
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We serve Spaghetti, Tagliatelle and Fusili


The classical minced meat and tomato sauce

Price D395

With onion, bacon, cheese, chili & tomato

Price D395
Quattro Formaggi

Delicate mix off 4 different cheeses: Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan and Brie

Price D450
Veggy Carbonara

The vegetarian version of Carbonara, with courgettes, onions, eggs and Parmesan cheese

Price D325
Seafood sauce

A mix of tuna, captain and lady fish, shrimps & tomato sauce

Price D450
Penne Pesto

A freshly made basil, garlic and pine nuts sauce

Price D450

A sauce made with shrimps, courgettes & brandy

Price D495
Lasagna alla Bolognese

Lasagna alla Bolognese

Price D450
Fish stuffed Cannelloni

With bechamel and tomato sauce

Price D450
Fish Ravioli

Fish stuffed ravioli served in a delicate butter & thyme sauce

Price D450
Beef Ravioli

Beef stuffed ravioli, in a tomato & basil sauce

Price D495
Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi

In a creamy Brie, Gorgonzola, Parmesan & Cheddar cheese sauce

Price D500
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From Starters to Side Dishes

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