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We are more than just a restaurant

Our History

About us: In October 2017 three friends found an opportunity to open an Italian restaurant in The Gambia. Each one has long experience in the hospitality industry and all share a love for good food and drinks.


Emiliano (yes he is 100% Italian) heads the kitchen team and he is using old family recipes to create authentic food. Mehdi and Marc, who run the popular and establish El Sol Mexican Cuisine & Beyond restaurant (right next door) are taking care of our guests with their team.


But enough about us, Gusto is about food and about you. We are well situated in the heart of the most popular resort in The Gambia, Kololi. Under our Bantaba you can enjoy the food, or inside you can experience the cozy bar with a pool table and very comfy sofa’s. The team welcomes you with great pride.


We only opened recently and so far we got excellent feedback from our guests. This encourages us to continue!


See you soon in Gusto.


Buon appetito.

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Senegambia - Kololi
The Gambia

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Phone / WhatsApp +220 232.0007
Email: welcome@gustogambia.com